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10 of the World’s Safest Cities


Safety is a major concern for travelers, whether business or holiday. A few days back, The Economist has released its latest ranking for the world’s safest cities. They evaluated sixty cities of the world for factors of security like infrastructure, health, technology, and personal safety. Developing world is witnessing a sharp increase in the people moving to big cities. A team of experts examined many factors that constitute the safety for city life. It examined the healthcare, urban environment, safety of city’s infrastructure, and the likelihood of people being a victim of urban crimes.

World’s Safest Cities

The previous index was released in 2015 with Japan’s Tokyo on the top as the safest city in the world. Tokyo retained its position in this index as well. It has been seen that the wealthy cities tend to be safer. However, there are exceptions. Following is a list of 10 of the World’s Safest Cities.

  1. Tokyo

Tokyo retained its position as the world’s safest city. It has excellent healthcare and infrastructure and urban crimes are very low.

  1. Singapore

Although not very rich, Singapore has earned its place as the 2nd safest city.

  1. Osaka

No surprises here. Japan’s Osaka is on the third place.

  1. Toronto

Canada’s Toronto has earned the 4th place in the ranking.

  1. Melbourne

Australia’s Melbourne is the 5th in the ranking.

  1. Amsterdam

Europe is generally considered a safe place for tourists. Amsterdam is the 6th in the list of world’s safest cities.

  1. Sydney

Australia is also one of the safest countries with two cities making to the top 10 list.

  1. Stockholm

Sweden’s Stockholm has earned the 8th place in the ranking.

  1. Hong Kong

Again, Hong Kong might not be among the richest, but is certainly among safest cities in the world.

  • Zurich

Switzerland’s Zurich made to the ranking with 10th place.