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Affordable Accommodations for Backpacker’s in North America


Visiting North America seems quite expensive. But it should not deter a backpacker like you from enjoying the exciting trip to these places. Even the costliest places of the world have few affordable places for backpackers on a budget. We have found the following affordable accommodations in North America for people on a tight budget.

Affordable Accommodations

  1. Montreal, Canada

Montreal is a very costly city, fortunately, however, there are some affordable accommodation options available for backpackers. Our selected hostel in Montreal, Canada is Auberge L’Apéro. It costs around $14 per night here – quite cheap by any standards. It is located at 1425 Mackay, Suite 2, Montreal, Canada.

  1. New Orleans, USA

New Orleans is cheaper than many other big cities. The Bourbon Street is really good for nightlife. Best cheap hostel in New Orleans is the India House Backpacker’s Hostel, which costs around $20 per night. It is located at 124 South Lopex St, New Orleans.

  1. Toronto, Canada

Toronto is another affordable city. It is a very nice city with best nightlife district. HI Toronto Hostel costs you around $31 per night. It is located at 76 Church St., Toronto, Canada.

  1. Miami Beach, USA

Miami beach is now considered a luxury area. But fortunately for backpackers, there are still some good accommodation deals. Our selected hostel is The Tropics Hotel and Hostel, which costs $16 per night. You can find it at 1550 Collins Ave, Miami.

Affordable Accommodations

  1. Washington DC, USA

Hotels in Washington DC are quite expensive and so is the food. However, there are many free attractions like museums. As most of the attractions are free here, you can spend that money on accommodation and food. Washington DC House costs $28 per night. It is located at 506 H Street NE, Washington DC.

If you are resolute to visit your favorite places of the world, you can find affordable accommodation almost everywhere.