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An Experienced Traveler’s Guide: Andrew Gordon of Chelmsford Shares His Top Vacation Destinations


Andrew Gordon of Chelmsford, Massachusetts has been an avid traveler for over 20 years. With dozens of international trips under his belt, Andrew is always eager to share details about his favorite vacation spots with other travelers. In this post, Andrew discusses four locations that continue to hold a special place in his heart.

Andrew Gordon Chelmsford

Belmont, Massachusetts 

While not an international destination, Andrew still considers Belmont a favorite getaway. As someone who grew up in nearby Belmont, MA, Andrew has many fond childhood memories of family trips to this Boston suburb. “Belmont has always felt like a little oasis just outside the city. There are beautiful parks and trails for hiking, and the downtown area has lovely shops and restaurants,” Andrew said. He still enjoys returning to Belmont to reminisce and experience the laidback New England charm.

Chelmsford, Massachusetts 

As a current resident of Chelmsford, MA, Andrew is proud to call this town his home. He loves exploring all the recreational opportunities Chelmsford has to offer, from the many miles of walking trails and bike paths to Spot Pond for swimming and boating in the summer. Andrew also appreciates the strong sense of community in Chelmsford. “It’s the perfect size – not too big, not too small. I always feel comfortable and welcomed here,” he said.

The Azores, Portugal 

One of Andrew’s favorite international destinations is the Azores, an autonomous region of Portugal located hundreds of miles off the coast in the Atlantic Ocean. “The natural beauty of the Azores is simply breathtaking. From the lush green hills to the blue lagoons and lakes, everywhere you look is a scenic landscape,” Andrew remarked. He especially enjoys hiking some of the many trails that crisscross the islands, taking in panoramic ocean views. Andrew also loves the laidback island culture and tasting authentic Portuguese cuisine in the Azores.

Prague, Czech Republic 

Andrew counts Prague as one of his all-time favorite European cities. “Walking around the historic city center is like stepping back in time. Every corner reveals another architectural or artistic treasure,” he said. Andrew enjoys exploring Prague’s iconic landmarks like the Charles Bridge and Pra andas well as getting lost amid the winding cobblestone streets of the Old Town. He also appreciates the Czech capital’s vibrant nightlife scene and affordable prices. “Prague is truly a magical place – I could spend weeks there and still find new things to discover,” Andrew added.

Top Vacation Destinations


Whether seeking relaxation close to home or international adventure, Andrew Gordon of Chelmsford, Massachusetts has proven to be a seasoned travel connoisseur. By sharing details of his favorite destinations like Belmont, Chelmsford, the Azores and Prague, Andrew hopes to inspire other travelers to experieuniquese special places. With his insider’s perspective, readers can feel confident taking Andrew’s recommendations the next time they start planning a vacation.