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Can You Fix Your Faulty Garage Door By Yourself?


The garage door is a common element in many homes. It is the place where you store your car and other stuff. The fact is that the garage door has a huge impact on the look of your house. It can either enhance or ruin the look of your home, so you must take care of it.


Before you call a repairman, try to fix the problem yourself. The following are some of the most common garage door repair Chesapeake problems and their solutions:

Garage door will not stay open:

Check the safety eyes. Safety eyes are located on the back of the door, usually one at each bottom corner. When they detect an object, they cause an obstruction light to turn on and prevent the door from closing.

Check to see if the obstruction light is lit. If it is, press the button on your wall control panel that turns off the obstruction light or remove any object in front of the eye. If this doesn’t work, and there is nothing blocking the safety eyes, you may need to replace them.

Check your springs. If your springs are broken or detached from their anchor bolts, your door will not stay up when you let go of it. Check to make sure that all springs are attached and that each one is taut. If a spring is loose or broken, contact a professional for assistance.

Check for obstructions under your door. Sometimes a stick or toy becomes lodged under your door as you close it. This can prevent it from closing all the way and becoming stuck between the floor and bottom roller assembly when you try to pull it open again later.

Faulty or stuck remote-Controlling your garage door with a remote device is very convenient, but it can sometimes cause problems when the remote device fails to operate properly or becomes stuck in one position. To resolve such issues, check if all batteries are properly installed and if there are any obstructions hindering its signal. If everything checks out, then there might be an issue with the circuit board inside the opener’s receiver. Turn off power to avoid further damage and call a professional for assistance in fixing the problem.

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