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Charter a Phenom 100 with West Palm Jets


Book a Hot and High Performing Ride for Your Next Executive Trip with the Phenom 100

Looking for a hot and high-performing ride for your next executive trip? The Phenom 100 by Embraer Executive Jets gives you a spacious and faster way to travel from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, from Toluca to Houston or Toluca to Cancun. For an entry-level business jet, the Phenom 100 functions like a midsize jet, even though it’s in the very light jet category.

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Pursue Your Business Goals at a Timely Pace

Your business requires a private jet charter that’s timely and can accommodate your travel preferences. After all, chartering a private jet like the Phenom 100 helps build bridges in your business wherever your clients or partners may be in the world. With an airspeed of 289 mph and a range of 1885 nautical miles, you can be sure to arrive at your destination on time without the fuss of commercial air travel because the Phenom 100 can fit most runaways, especially at private airports.

Spend Wisely on Travel

The best of its kind in the very light jet category, the Phenom 100 is proven to have low operating and maintenance costs, so you can enjoy your flight more than what you’ve spent for a private jet charter. Spend wisely on a private jet charter that you can book within four hours and get guaranteed availability with the Phenom 100 when you book with West Palm Jets today.

Superior Cabin Features

Flying with the Phenom 100 has never been this classy and comfortable all thanks to its elegant interior designed by BMW. This private jet also has the largest baggage compartment for an entry-level jet with an external space of 60 cubic feet. It also has an oval lite cross-section, making it easier to walk around or from your seat to the lavatory. The large windows on each passenger seat also give you peace and a luxurious view from the world below you.

Book Flexibly

Book anywhere in the world and have the best flight team to assist you in your travel needs. Get a head start on your travel and get a free quote on your next executive trip by booking the Phenom 100 for your daily, weekly and monthly business trips.

Feel Safe and Secure

From the moment you board the private jet and throughout your flight, you are ensured of your safety as FAA standards are followed and the Phenom 100 private jet is also equipped with G300 Garmin avionics for a clearer picture of the typography below and an updated status of the weather. You can also monitor your flight real-time through the LCD monitor near every passenger seat.

Travel with a small group and enjoy the perks of flying with the Phenom 100.

Technical Specifications


  •     Exterior Height: 14 ft 3 in
  •     Wing Span: 40 ft 4 in
  •     Length: 42 ft 1 in
  •     External Baggage: 60 cu ft


  •     Cabin Height: 4 ft 9 In
  •     Cabin Width: 5 ft 1 In
  •     Cabin Length: 11 ft
  •     Cabin Volume: 212 cu ft
  •     Internal Baggage: 10 cu ft
  •     Occupancy
  •     Crew: 1
  •     Passengers: 5

Operating Weights

  •     Max T/O Weight: 10472 Lb
  •     Max Landing Weight: 9766 Lb
  •     Operating Weight: 7132 Lb
  •     Empty Weight: 3235 Lb
  •     Fuel Capacity: 2804 lbs Lb
  •     Payload Useful: 3384 Lb
  •     Payload W/Full Fuel: 580 Lb
  •     Max Payload: 1312 Lb


  •     Normal Range: 915 nm
  •     Max Range: 1178 nm
  •     Service Ceiling: 41000 ft


  •     Takeoff Distance: 3119 ft
  •     Balanced Field Length: 3040 ft
  •     Landing Distance: 4068 ft


  •     Rate of Climb: 3061 fpm
  •     Climb Rate One Engine Inop: 702 fpm
  •     Max Speed: 390 kts
  •     Normal Cruise: 371 kts
  •     Economy Cruise: 333 kts
  •     Cost per Hour: $ 1,211.28
  •     2019 List Price: $4,495,000

Power Plant

  •     Engines: 2
  •     Engine Mfg: Pratt & Whitney Canada
  •     Engine Model: PW617F-E