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Is Ireland a good vacation destination for golf lovers?


Ireland is the third largest European Island and is known for its natural beauty. Its beautiful landscape, greenery, and pleasant weather makes it a popular vacation destination. Golf is very popular in Ireland, and it is a preferred vacation destination for golf lovers around the world.

vacation destination for golf lovers

Ireland has around 420 golf courses, both link and parkland. Not many countries with 6 million people have this many golf courses. Parkland courses are concentrated in inland among the trees and hills while link courses are concentrated near the coast. K Club is one of the popular parkland courses outside Dublin area. Another famous golf course is known as Slieve Russell.

Ireland is a popular vacation destination for golf lovers. The list of top 100 golf courses in the world includes seven Irish courses. Some names of the list include Port Rush Golf Club and Royal Country Down from Northern Ireland. From Irish republic, there are Bally Bunion, European Club, Waterville, Portmarnock, and Lahinch.

November to April is a low season for golf while June to August is considered the high season. It is recommended to golf lovers to book the courses in advance if they want to have a golf event. Many golf courses have their own websites where you can book in advance.

There is often a dress code for golf courses. Check your golf course for their dress code in advance to avoid the last minute disappointment. Usually, tracksuits, minimal shorts, clothes with slogans, and running shoe are not allowed. People usually wear smart dressing and wear spikes to shield themselves from wet weather. Golf equipment can be hired easily. Hiring the equipment is easy and affordable. It has all the gear you need in order to play golf and always have this sweet memory of vacation destination for golf lovers.