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Nomad Internet Launches “ Spot Beacon One & Win Big” Contest Offering a Chance to Win a Year of Free Internet


In an innovative approach to unite communities nationwide, Nomad Internet has unveiled an engaging nationwide contest encouraging participants to embark on a unique scavenger hunt for Beacon One, the company’s distinctive green van. The content, aptly named “ Spot Beacon One & Win Big,” will provide onlookers a golden opportunity to win a year of free internet and a modem, emphasizing Nomad Internet’s mission to bridge the digital divide across the country.

Beacon One

How to Participate in the contest, “Spot Beacon One & Win Big”:

Participants are urged to remain vigilant for Beacon One as it makes its way through various landscapes, embodying Nomad Internet’s commitment to ensuring connectivity for all. Capturing a memorable photograph or selfie with the van, sharing it on social media with the hashtag #SpotBeaconOne, tagging @NomadInternet, and submitting the photo on the company’s website constitutes entry into this thrilling contest.

This initiative is not merely a contest but a clarion call to rally behind Nomad Internet’s visionary mission of providing equitable high-speed internet access to both bustling urban centers and secluded rural communities. By highlighting the journey of Beacon One, Nomad Internet showcases its dedication to overcoming connectivity challenges, providing unlimited data without caps, services tailored to diverse lifestyles, and comprehensive coverage focused on reaching underserved areas.

A Community Effort:

The Spot Beacon One contest transcends traditional competitions by fostering a sense of community and shared purpose. Each photograph shared brings an individual closer to winning and serves as a powerful statement supporting digital inclusivity and the importance of high-quality internet access nationwide. Through this unique contest, Nomad Internet invites the public to join in a historic movement, championing superior internet access across the country and supporting a cause that impacts millions.

Nomad streamlines the process of obtaining high-speed, reliable internet access, particularly designed for those constantly on the move or managing RV parks. The journey to connectivity begins when customers or RV park owners express their interest by requesting the Nomad Beacon One service. This request triggers a prompt response from Nomad’s dedicated team, who review and approve the submission, ensuring a smooth transition to the setup phase. Following approval, Nomad delivers the Beacon One device to the specified location, offering instant installation services. This efficiency in service delivery guarantees users and park guests access to high-speed internet and advanced security measures from the day of installation, making the entire process hassle-free and straightforward.


Nomad’s innovative approach to internet service provision is highlighted through a suite of distinct features designed to cater to a wide array of needs:

  • Unlimited Internet Plan: Nomad offers an expansive internet plan that ensures users have access to limitless data, accommodating the needs of digital nomads and travelers seeking reliable internet on the go.
  • Instant Hotspot Pickup: The Nomad Beacon One facilitates access to complimentary WiFi in various parks, revolutionizing connectivity for users in outdoor settings.
  • Seamless Connectivity for RV Parks: With the Nomad Beacon One, RV park owners can significantly enhance their guests’ experience by providing high-speed WiFi and exceptional security measures.
  • Same-Day Modem Pickup: Upon the installation of Beacon One, users can immediately pick up Nomad’s high-speed modem, enabling instant access to the internet.
  • Free Beacon Camera Surveillance: To bolster security, Nomad offers AI-managed, license-free camera surveillance, including motion and vehicle detection features.


Choosing Nomad as an internet service provider comes with a multitude of benefits that underscore its position as a leader in the industry:

  • Nationwide Coverage: Nomad offers services all throughout the nation, so customers can rely on dependable internet access no matter where they are.
  • High Speeds: Users may enjoy uninterrupted high-speed internet that supports streaming, gaming, and other data-intensive activities thanks to speeds as high as 200Mbps.
  • No Installations: One major benefit of Nomad’s service is how simple it is to set up. No complicated installation procedures are required, so anyone can use it.
  • Flexible Plans: Nomad’s flexible plans provide customers the freedom to stop, start, or stop using the internet whenever they want, allowing them to manage their usage without being locked into long-term agreements.
  • Enhanced Security: Beacon Camera Surveillance, which is offered free of charge, gives users and RV park owners peace of mind because they know that their properties are being watched over by cutting-edge security technology.
Spot Beacon One & Win Big

Seize the Moment:

This exceptional opportunity allows individuals to actively participate in a critical campaign that seeks to ensure that no one is excluded in our progressively digital society. Individuals have the opportunity not only to benefit significantly from Nomad Internet’s services but also to make a philanthropic contribution that aligns with the organization’s fundamental principles through their participation.

With daily winners, the contest promises excitement and rewards, underlining the importance of community involvement in achieving universal internet access. As Beacon One continues its journey, let’s join hands with Nomad Internet to make high-quality Internet accessible to everyone, everywhere.

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