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School Bus Safety Tips for Kids


We love our kids and want to keep them as safe as possible. School bus system has been devised with the safety of our kids in mind. All systems, however, rely on people and following the rules and guidelines ensure that the systems work as intended. Following are some tips for the parents that they should follow and teach their kids to keep them safe.

School Bus

  1. For little kids, a parent or guardian should accompany them to the bus stop until the bus arrives. Wait at a place where the driver can clearly see your kids.
  2. Tell your kids to stand three or four steps back from the curb when the bus approaches.
  3. Teach your kids to wait till the bus comes to a complete halt before getting off the bus.
  4. Teach your kids to use the railing while exiting or boarding the bus.
  5. Tell your kids not to stand near the door. Most doors open inwards and can be very dangerous if a kid is standing near it. Even if they drop something near the door, they should not pick it up without telling the driver.
  6. If you are driving a vehicle, slowdown in the areas where there are schools or when you see a school bus stopped on the road.
  7. If your children need to cross the road after getting off the school bus, they should take a few steps away from the bus, where the driver can easily see them, and wait for the driver’s signal before crossing the road.
  8. When a school bus is flashing yellow lights, it means that it is preparing to stop. When it flashes the red light, it means that it has stopped already. You should drive very carefully near a school bus as the children are expected to get off.