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Do we still need a travel consultant in the era of online bookings?


We all have heard that the era of travel consultants is gone and that we can do everything online now. From reviewing places to booking flights and hotel reservations, everything is online now. So, do we still need such consultants? It depends.

Travel Consultant

First, you have to evaluate your objectives. Whether you want to explore your destination yourself, or you want to be everything perfect for your vacation. What your reaction would be if you have planned to visit a place at your destination, but when you go there, you come to know that you needed to book your place in advance? You will learn, of course, but at the expense of disturbing your plan.

Going to a place and learning everything can be fun, but it may cost you a lot of time and money. If you are looking for such an experience, you might not need a travel consultant. Some people, however, want everything to be perfect – as planned. They do not want to learn by trial and error during their holiday.

Additionally, there are different types of travel consultants. Some consultants just help you with visa, tickets, and hotel bookings. Some go one step beyond and provide a tour guide. On the other hand, some consultants have a passion for travelling, and they discuss all the details of your vacation during the planning phase. Such consultants have already visited the places you want to visit and know every detail. They can tell you how you can get the most out of your trip.

So, if you want everything to be perfect, and you can find a travel consultant that can help you achieve this goal, then a consultant is worth the additional expense. But if you love to explore your destination on your own, and trial and error adds to the pleasure of your travel, then you do not need one.

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