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The Best Activities in Kochi, India


Cultures meet in gorgeously decaying Kochi, located on India’s tropical Malabar Coast. Mosques and synagogues coexist side by side, and the architecture has elements of Dutch and British colonialism and Portuguese architecture from the 16th century. You can get an apartment for rent by searching Airbnb Kochi.

Having served as a trading port for many years, Kochi is now Kerala’s third-largest city and a centre for culture and the arts. Nearby historical Fort Kochi and Mattancherry, where you can see some of the most beautiful old structures and old riverfront piers, is the modern business centre of Ernakulam.

Wander through Fort Kochi’s alleys.

Enchanting old Fort Kochi is a network of colonial-style houses and alleyways with water on three sides, just a short distance by ferry or car from Ernakulam. Early in the 16th century, the Portuguese constructed their first fortification here, which the Dutch later strengthened.

Even though a row of magnificent rain trees follows the outline of a portion of the wall, the defences are now largely gone. These trees, some of which are 200 years old, are fascinating in and of themselves. In Fort Kochi, colour is everywhere, from the jewel-like hues of the saris donned by local women to the weathered home exteriors and abundant tropical flora in every green area.

Watch the Chinese fishing nets in action.

One of the most significant sights to view in Kochi is the enormous Chinese fishing nets at the north tip of the peninsula, which serve as both a symbol of the city and an astounding feat of engineering. As their name implies, they were brought by the Chinese and are thought to have existed in the 14th century. Each net is much more than 30 feet high and is strung from a structure built of teak and bamboo using four men operating a cantilevered pole that is weighted with stones.