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The Super Tips on Morocco for Perfect Vacations


Check out some super tips on Morocco vacation. History, culture, easy access and excellent cost-benefit make Morocco a dream destination for many. Cultural shock and charm are immediate. Planning a trip there is easy, just requires some care.

General aspects

Morocco is a Muslim country in North Africa. Moroccans are tolerant and more permissible than other Muslim countries.

Rabat is the capital; Casablanca is the economic hub, the largest and most populous city in the country; while Marrakesh, Fez and Méknes are the cities with the greatest historical and cultural heritage.

The official language is Arabic and Berber. French and English are also widely spread.

High and low season

As the country has three very distinct regions, you can attend it all year round. However, visiting Morocco during the summer may be too hot and make access to certain regions unfeasible.

Autumn, winter and spring (November to April) are the best seasons to visit the country.

The period between December and January has the driest and coldest weather, coinciding with the high season, Christmas and New Year.

April, May and October correspond to the average season, lower flow, better costs and pleasant weather.

From June to September is the off season. The intense heat makes it difficult and even impossible to travel to the desert. However, it is the high season on the coast. It is also during this period that Ramadan (the main celebration of the Islam calendar and one of the pillars of religion) is celebrated.

Where to stay

One of the coolest tips about Morocco is the hosting. Take advantage of the low cost to stay in cooler places and rich in history. Look for cities still off the tourist route and in the average season for even better prices.

During the Morocco vacations, you can experience different sensations. You can stay in clay palaces, sleep in tents in the wilderness; and stayed in traditional Moroccan houses.