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Things to Do in Moscow: Beyond the Basics


Moscow is an amazing city – much prettier than you could imagine and with many interesting things to see and do! There are beautiful places, interesting museums, good restaurants, and you are fascinated by the whole history of Russia.

If you are thinking of traveling to Russia, consider a Russian travel agency offering most complete tour packages and also come with us on these tips of what to do in Moscow – we bet you will not regret it!

Things to Do in Moscow: Beyond the Basics

1. St. Basil’s Cathedral

This church that seems to have been created by a confectioner, not an architect, is the great star of Red Square and the starting point in the script of every traveler who arrives in Moscow. Besides being absolutely beautiful and photogenic, it is a place worth knowing from the inside.

2. The entire Red Square

In addition to the well-known cathedral, Red Square has numerous other interesting points. In any direction you see, it shocks you with a more unbelievable construction than the others. Sounds like an imaginary scene!

In addition to the Kremlin walls, the two biggest buildings are the National Historical Museum and the GUM.

3. Kremlin: The seat of power of Russia

Next to Red Square is the Kremlin, former military fortress that is the seat of the Russian government. To visit the Kremlin complex, there are some separate tickets: the main ones are for the Chamber of Arms (700 rubles) and the Architectural Complex of the Cathedrals (500 rubles).

4. Boat trip

A classic in the script are the boat trips on the Moscow River. As there are many large buildings with unique architecture, the city looks beautiful from the river! There are several small piers in the central region, with boat trips that take different routes.

One of the most beautiful and traditional is the Radisson Cruise, which has evening cruises with restaurant on board.